Spiced & Sugared Spa

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Eyelash Extensions:

Each lash appointment is approximately 2-3 hours for a full set and 60 minutes for a relash.  REMOVE ALL MAKE-UP PRIOR to your appointment (especially mascara).  Additional time is not added to your appointment if I have to remove eye make-up.  

Relax or fall asleep if you like. 

After care is very important.  

DO NOT submerge lashes is water for at least 24 hours following application, you must allow the lash adhesive ample time to cure. DO NOT use oil-based mascara or eye make-up remover.  The oil will break down the adhesive, causing your lashes to fall out.  

DO NOT rub your eyes, this will loosen your lashes.  

After bathing, gently pat around the eye area with a clean towel...again, no rubbing.  

DO NOT attempt to remove lashes yourself.  Eyelash extensions should be removed professionally.  

DO lie shamelessly when asked if your lashes are real...after all, they are yours, you paid for them.